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The British Columbia Heritage Language Association (BCHLA) is a not-for-profit organization that actively promotes cross-cultural understanding through heritage/international language instruction and education.

The BCHLA is the umbrella body for second language programmes of heritage/international languages outside the public school system in British Columbia.

BCHLA’s primary objectives include:

  • supporting and promoting second-language education;
  • assisting in the development of second-language curricula and teaching materials; and
  • supporting second-language instructor training and skill development.

The BCHLA supports the view that international language education increases the level of respect and appreciation for multiculturalism and the diversity of Canada’s people.

The BC–GERMANY STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME is administered by the BCHLA in Canada. Initiated in 1977 in North Vancouver and Vancouver, the Programme now includes students throughout British Columbia. Over two thousand students have successfully participated in the BCHLA Exchange.

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Important Dates

Important Dates

The deadline to apply for 2019/2020 exchange is February 27, 2019. German students arrive at the end of August 2019. BC students leave for Germany early March, 2020.