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Participating in a student exchange is one of the most unique opportunities available to you. Programmes such as this will expose you to new and challenging situations that may impact the rest of your life. This Exchange will give you opportunities to grow through living and learning in the stimulating culture of Germany in Europe.


To participate in the BC – GERMANY STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME, students must:

  • be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, and speak English as their first language;
  • be in Grade 10 or 11 at the time of participation;
  • be recommended by their German language teacher, high school counsellor, and high school principal;
  • be interested in the German language, culture, and customs;
  • be willing and able to adapt to an unfamiliar environment for the Exchange;
  • submit a formal evaluation of the Exchange to BCHLA upon their return to Canada.

Hosting a German Student

This program is a direct family-to-family exchange. Hosting a German student in your home can be a wonderful experience. It allows a BC host family to become familiar with another culture and world view, and provides opportunities otherwise untapped.

In general, the BC – GERMANY STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAMME holds common sense values designed to provide a shared understanding of expectations and the living environment. Host families are to provide a safe, nonthreatening, respectful, and appropriate environment to promote mutual friendship and trust between the host family and the BC and German Exchange students.

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Germany Exchange

Important Dates

Important Dates

The deadline to apply for 2019/2020 exchange is February 27, 2019. German students arrive at the end of August 2019. BC students leave for Germany early March, 2020.


How to Apply?

Application Form

Application Form

Download and complete the PDF Application Form.