Your Stay in Germany

The “settling in” period likely will be easier for you in Europe than it was for your German Exchange student in BC because you already will have spent 10 weeks together. There still will be a number of adjustments to make within your new family. Just as the German Exchange student was expected to adapt to house rules and routines in BC, you will be expected to adapt in Germany.


Your German school will develop your course timetable. You will be expected to complete the same assignments and work as the other students. At first, you may be placed temporarily in a lower grade level than usual, depending on your German language ability. This will give you the opportunity to concentrate on improving your language skills.

At the end of your exchange, a report will be completed indicating your performance and attendance. You will receive a copy of this from the BCHLA, along with a certificate of completion, after you submit the BC-Germany Student Exchange Programme follow-up requirements.

Language Skills

Try to speak German as much as possible. You are in Germany to improve your proficiency in German, not to speak English. Your host family may try to speak English with you to improve their English language skills. It will be your responsibility to remind them you wish to practise speaking German as much as possible.

German Liaison Teacher

Before you arrive in Germany, you will have received the name of the German Liaison Teacher responsible for you. That teacher is referred to as a “Tutor.” In some German schools, there may be many Exchange students from a number of countries.

Follow-up Requirements

An evaluation report of your stay in Germany is required by the end of May. In return, you will be sent an official “Certificate of Completion” for your successful participation in the BC-Germany Student Exchange Programme, as well as copies of your report cards from Germany.

Germany Exchange

Important Dates

Important Dates

The deadline to apply for 2019/2020 exchange is February 27, 2019. German students arrive at the end of August 2019. BC students leave for Germany early March, 2020.