Information for Teachers

The principal of each participating school must name a specific BC School Liaison Teacher—often the German teacher. There can be no student participation without school involvement and support.

Specific Responsibilities of the BC School Liaison Teacher

  • Advertise and promote the Exchange Programme.
  • Screen, interview, and shortlist applicants.
  • Conduct individual interviews with the entire family of each BC Exchange student to ensure suitability.
  • Ensure that all school staff members are informed of the arrival of the German Exchange students and the departure of the BC students, well in advance.
  • Serve as liaison for the BC Exchange students, their families, and the BCHLA.
  • Assist the BC and German Exchange students to prepare personal course timetables for their stay in BC.
  • Ensure that timetable changes are monitored. Course credits will be given to German Exchange students, and a report card generated for their time here in BC.
  • Meet with the German Exchange students every week to ensure the Exchange is progressing well—and to pre-empt any difficulties.
  • Mail letters of introduction and school and course information to German Exchange students well before their arrival in Canada.
  • Ensure the school registration of incoming German students prior to June.
  • Mail report cards to the BCHLA by February 15, for distribution to the German Exchange authorities.
  • Mediate any challenges that arise and advise the BCHLA.

Germany Exchange

Important Dates

Important Dates

The deadline to apply for 2019/2020 exchange is February 27, 2019. German students arrive at the end of August 2019. BC students leave for Germany early March, 2020.